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Hire Dedicated Developers for Monthly/Weekly

Hire Dedicated Developers

If you are a independent software vendor, digital agency or technical consultant looking to set up your own team of web / mobile developers or designers for your regular or clients’ projects then you are at the right place and right time. With stepin solutions you will have a liberty to choose suitable experienced developers. We have made sure that we have experienced team member for web developmentiPhone and android development, designers and quality analysts. We, at stepin solutions will be open to suggest you meaningful solution and processes that will be instrumental for your business success. Whether you require continuous up-gradation of your product, want to setup product and continuous development, seeking offshore developers for regular maintenance or migrations of your enterprise applications – our hire dedicated developer service proves to be a solution to all your needs.

We understand that, it’s more difficult for you, the decided hiring models, because requirement requires different types of functionality and hiring models. We give you the flexible hiring models suiting your needs on Monthly/Weekly or Hourly basis for website and application development.

Why Hire Dedicated Resources From Stepin Solutions?
  • Flexible Hiring Models.
  • Supreme Code Quality.
  • Highly-Skilled and certified resources.
  • Track team’s performance with Project Management Tools like Basecamp etc.
  • Total involvement and control on your team.
  • 24/7 Technical Support.
  • 100% Confidentiality Assured.
To get your project completed on time. Hire us on hourly, part time and full time basis. If you are confused about which model suits best to your requirements, do contact us.


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Hire PHP Developers.

We offer Monthly/Hourly dedicated PHP developers for Web development companies, Marketing agencies and individuals who need a team to support their business.  

Our Dedicated Drupal Developers have extensive skills for delivering excellent results working on Drupal template integrationDrupal CMS development, Drupal module developmentDrupal eCommerce and Content Management System design.      

Hire Symfony Developers.

When it comes to symfony development, no one does it better than our developers. Our team of Symfony developers deliver highly specialized and dynamic Symfony projects.

Hire our expert junior developers, hire Web developershire PHP web developersHire Mobile App DevelopersHire symphony Developers, hire Mobile API developers and Hiring dedicated developers for hire on various flexible models suiting your website and application development, and also improve your business with cost effective and productive for development.

Website Owner’s Guide to Google’s 21st April Mobile Friendly Algorithm Update

 Google launched a major update on April 21st which was about extending the use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal throughout mobile search results. This change will affect worldwide mobile search results in all languages, and Google says it will have a “significant” impact.
To be precise, this update involves 2 things.
  1. It basically separates Google search results for Mobile and Desktop where in Mobile search results, mobile friendly websites get significant advawill be ranked higher.
  2. This is not as significant as 1st one but it is better to know that from now on, in google search results you will occasionally see content from installed app on your device.
As you can see out of the 2 updates launched, the one with mass impact is about considering mobile friendliness as a ranking signal. Let’s talk more about the important one then.

Will This Affect You?

Possibly Yes. The first thing to do is to use Google’s tool to determine whether you’re mobile friendly or not. It’s easy to use and gives you a quick “Yes” or “No” as to whether your page will pass the check.
Keep in mind is that this tool checks one page only. (Not a site-wide check) You may have several pages on your site that are responsive and mobile-friendly while the rest are not. If your design isn’t mobile responsive site-wide, I would suggest checking each of the most important pages on the site to make sure they pass.
The second thing to consider is how much of your website traffic today is coming via mobile? If this percentage is small (i.e. under 10%) and you’re not yet mobile ready, don’t fret too much. While you may see a significant change in the mobile search results, this should only affect rankings for searches on mobile – desktop results and rankings will likely remain unaffected. (For now). As Mobile local search is going to surpass PC in 2015, sooner is better to go mobile friendly in terms of getting organic search website traffic and better user experience for mobile visitors.

What Can I Do?

If your site did NOT pass the test, you have a few options:

1. Implement A Responsive Theme

Google has already stated that they prefer responsive web design and feel it’s the best option for users. Before exploring this option you should know that this option is suitable for you if you are using any Open source CMS or ecommerce platforms. For custom build websites the other options stated below makes more sense. If you are using any open source CMS platform like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla,  Check out the responsive CMS themes from Themeforest and in case of ecommerce websites check out few ecommerce responsive templates.
Advantages: Google/User preferred, applied across entire site, updated look/feel
Disadvantages: Time consuming, frontloaded work/costs, may lose conversions

2. Have A Designer/Developer Redesign Your Site

If switching themes is just not possible, you can look to hire a designer + developer to switch your current design into one that’s responsive. You’ll end up with a site that looks much like the one you have now with only a few tweaks/changes.
Advantages: Long term solution, Can continue to use current design, no conversion loss
Disadvantages: Most expensive, time consuming, may miss certain pages

3. Create A Mobile Site On A Subdomain

Rather than switching themes or hiring a designer/developer to redesign your current site into one that’s responsive, you can instead opt to create a mobile-specific site on a subdomain. You’ll have the advantage of leaving your current theme alone completely and still providing for a good user experience for those on mobile. i.e. In this option too, you will need to hire the designer and developer to build a mobile friendly website from existing website.
Advantages: Can customize for mobile users, cheaper than a full redesign
Disadvantages: Costs and hassle of updating mobile and desktop sites, adjustments required with browser changes

4. Fix Issues That Are Keeping You From Passing The Test

We came across few clients whose  site was built on a responsive theme, but customizations done on theme to build the website restricts from passing the mobile friendly test. In such cases, we merely followed the quality standards and theme documentations to maintain the responsiveness of theme along with the customizations required.
Advantages: Quick/easy fix, least expensive
Disadvantages: Can’t always tell where the issues are, doesn’t always give surety to pass the test

Things To Keep In Mind

1. You should really be building mobile-friendly sites for your users, anyway.
We’ve crossed the tipping point – the majority of digital media consumption now comes through mobile. This may have hit you differently and at different times depending on your niche, but it’s clear where we’re headed. As more and more of your customers are looking for your website or business on their smartphone, it just makes good business sense to give them what they want.
2. This is not a penalty. It may feel that way, though, if you find yourself slipping down the page in mobile search results. The good news here is that because you haven’t been penalized or deindexed, you’re in a much better position to fix the problem and gain back your lost mobile traffic.


It is quite evident that google’s mobile friendly update is going to affect some way or the other to the mass of website owners. Individually you can evaluate the impact and options shared above to deal with it. Even if google has not presented this, mobile friendly digital presence is anyway instrumental for providing uninterrupted user experience for larger chunk of users who are using mobile and as stated above that chunk is close to 50% now and growing on daily basis. If you already have mobile friendly digital presence, While choosing the right option for you to go mobile friendly, it would be best to go for a solution that is long term in nature.

Drupal is one of the most powerful tools of the Open Web

Now Drupal Web Development Company launch 8.2.7 in 15 - March - 2017.  Reason enough to take a look at the evolution of the CMS Solutions, the status quo and the future of Drupal. open source evangelist at stepin-solutions, we look at the highlights and benefits of Drupal 8.

Unlike previous versions of Drupal 8 has set a goal to continually provide updates to customers. So numerous updates the current Drupal 8.2.7 version are recently published. The aim is always to provide the Drupal users the best possible conditions in order to keep up with the fast growing challenges can step.
With regular updates continuously new processes now can be introduced that were previously only possible with major releases. With experimental features that users are involved early and based on feedback, new modules can be optimized quickly.
Stepin solutions gives us the interview an interesting insight into the highlights of Drupal Web Development.

Drupal 8 - these are the highlights

Stepin-Solutions: What are the main changes compared to the previous versions Drupal 6 and Drupal 7?
An important step in Drupal 8 is the move away from outdated to modern object-oriented methods in PHP. Drupal 8.2.7 now essentially based on the proven application framework Symfony 2 and integrates many other open source development projects. The new architecture brings greater flexibility and stability. For the administration of the components of the package manager Composer is used, which is also fully integrated.
Further, in Drupal 8.2.7 key modules have been included in the core, which had to be installed manually in previous versions. So the building blocks for the internationalization and localization of multilingual websites and their content are for example been overhauled and integrated - thus also the subsequent addition of other languages ​​has been significantly simplified.
Even Views, Drupal Query Builder is now anchored in the core and is used for all lists. This also makes it easier to adapt the Drupal backend to your taste. It is very flexible and adjustable allows you to create complex database queries via an appropriate user interface. Once created, the results can be output in any number of formats, such as slideshows, lists, tables, feeds through to output as a web service REST endpoint. In addition, the used block system has been improved. You can now, all blocks with additional fields equip and can be placed at the same time several times and in several regions of a page in the new system.
Stepin-Solutions: What are the highlights of Drupal 8.2.7?
The interface of the backend has been completely revised and made much clearer. The focus was on possible easier, intuitive operation. The popular and expandable CKEditor has been integrated and simplified content editing enormous. It offers not only comfortable WYSIWYG and in-place editing, but also an image upload functionality that previously had to supplemented by an external module.
The theme has been primarily through the mobile-first approach a lot done. So all the standard themes are now fully mobile friendly responsive website development, ie optimized for mobile devices, which for example allows administrative work with smartphones or tablets.
An important step was also the development to access accessibility standards such as WAI-ARIA guidelines to ensure easier access to sites for people with disabilities; also called screen readers - - for example for blind users, the alternative "reading browser 'use.
stepin-solutions: What are the main new modules in Drupal 8.2.7?
Particularly noteworthy are the REST API, the cache API and configuration management (API Development Company).
Use the REST API functionality can be, for example, provide REST full web services or also exchange content across multiple Drupal installations across. Furthermore, the API allows to exchange data with smart phones and web applications dynamically, can thus be realized with modern single-page solutions.
The relatively inflexible cache structure of Drupal 7 met with dynamic content repeatedly to their limits. Therefore, a fundamental review of Drupal 8.2.7 was necessary to enable significantly faster results. The new caching system now includes three techniques: Cache Contexts, cache tags and cache max-age. They make it possible not only pages and files to speed up for anonymous users but also for registered users. This allows fine-grained caching of content with significantly faster loading times, especially when it comes to personalized editions.
The new Configuration Management stores the various settings in Drupal 8.2.7 not only in the database, but also in text-based YAML files. So they are versioned and also can export and import good. Not only the quality and stability of Drupal, but also to simplify the processes for deploying and migrating projects increase. What are the advantages Drupal 8.2.7 for both end users and developers?
In addition to the good documentation and a lot of practice materials, developers and end users a huge community are available, which includes the world over a million users. The members are always very helpful and are seeking advice with questions and problems around the clock aside. In addition, the community is a strong drive for the Drupal project as a whole.

Upgrade to Drupal 8.2.7 - yes or no? Should companies quickly switch to Drupal latest version development 8.2.7 and what they should be doing absolutely?
New projects with a long life expectancy should definitely start with Drupal. 8.2.7 When migrating consist installations situation is somewhat different. It basically depends on how complex a project is. Although already many features available in Drupal 8.2.7, but often more modules are still needed, which may not have been ported to the latest Drupal version. Therefore, should take place before the changeover accurate examination whether Drupal 8.2.7 already meets all requirements.
Particular attention falls on projects that are still operated with Drupal 6, since the support with the introduction of Drupal 8.2.7 is leaked. In this situation, users should check whether a migration to Drupal 8.2.7 or transitional recommends Drupal. 7 Should uncertainty here, it is advisable in any case to seek advice from experts in order to make an economic decision. What are the benefits of switching to the "Semantic Versioning" (SemVer) brought to the project, especially in terms of feedback for experimental features?
Due to the rapid growth of Drupal it is increasingly important to ensure backward compatibility and to enable continued innovation.Therefore, the decision fell, the frequency, appear with the Drupal releases to increase and so provide at intervals new features and API enhancements, while enabling an easier upgrade.
The objective is most easily achieved by complying with the SemVer specifications, since it is possible using the major-minor patch release scheme to make significant, backward compatible improvements in minor releases available. For companies thereby always ensured that they - stay up to date with respect to their digital applications - throughout the release cycle. Further, the developer of Drupal 8.2.7 core keep its promise to release every six months a new minor point release. the latest version was released Drupal 8.2.5 They will be extended by 8.2.6 and now 8.2.7 has improved enormously.
Through new experimental core modules Users also receive early access to upcoming features. Based on the feedback obtained from it, it is much easier to plan the further development and provide such improvements in high frequency and quality.

Drupal Web Development - one of the most powerful tools in the Open Web

The new continuous development process enables it to provide Drupal web development regularly with new features. In the past, a major release would have been necessary for it often. Our users website development benefit greatly from this new method, since they are obtained by a value in a short time and thus always provided with the latest technologies, which are also backward compatible.
For us Drupal Web developers, it is exciting to see how the latest technologies and trends always find their way into Drupal and contribute sustainably to one of the most powerful tools of the Open source Web Development . For the continuous development of the Drupal core causes always improve our skills and keep pace with the changing times.

We provide Drupal development services. Our team of experienced Drupal developers have provided services like Drupal consulting, Drupal Theme Development, Drupal Web and CMS solutions, Ecommerce Solutions, Drupal Development, hire drupal developer, drupal development company.

10 Reasons why Drupal should power your websites


If you are planning to build Website Development, you must explore Drupal  Web Development as one of the solution. Here are the reasons.

So why should you have it? Let’s make the decision easy:

1. Your content is fresh. Let’s be honest, if it’s hard for you to edit the content of your website, one of three things will happen:

  1. It simply won’t get done;
  2. Some poor guy in your office will have stacks of word documents to go through and convert to your content (with never ending rounds of amends) … or …
  3. You will make your web development agency rich as you continually send them small edits that they charge at their day rate.
Drupal Website is easy to use: log in, go to your page, click edit, make the change, save, you’re done.

2. It’s at the top of its game.
Drupal powers more than 8 million websites worldwide. Some of those include: and

3. Your site is safe.
Drupal is Open Source and that means that there are thousands of developers worldwide who are working at keeping it safe against any security threats. That agency that wants to sell you their proprietary product might tell you otherwise – but it’s only 4 developers working on their security – is that going to be as safe?

4. It’s free.
Drupal is Open Source and the software is completely free. That means that a lot of the hard work in building your site has been done. That’s like buying a car and only paying for the bodywork and paint.

5. It’s flexible.

Don’t think that because your site is powered by a framework, it has to work or look a specific way. There is literally nothing that can’t be done from blogging sites, to e-commerce to custom apps, there is literally nothing you can’t do.

6. It’s a big community.

There are literally thousands of good Drupal Developers and Drupal Development Company in  worldwide so you are never tied in to anyone. Wouldn’t you rather that than your current “maintenance contract” where you can never get hold of anyone and when you do it feels like the cost of that new feature you really want is the combination of a made-up price with a few zeros added at the end.

7. It’s multi-lingual at its core.

We live in Europe where there are 23 official recognised languages. Drupal handles languages (including right-to-left) and translation at its core. There are even services to help you translate your content

8. You can power multiple sites. 

If you own a number of websites, you can host them all with the same set of code on the same server so you only have one thing to look after!

9. It’ll make you money.

Drupal Commerce is a hugely powerful and flexible E-Commerce module for Drupal. With it, we can build any type of online store from complex product ranges and product search to customization products and multi-currency checkout, we have done it all.

10. It’s beautiful.

Drupal gives us all the tools to deliver your content looking great no matter what device. We build responsive sites that adjust to your display to make your desktop site look native on your phone too.

We could go on but if you want to know more, get in touch with us… /


Ecommerce Trends to Follow in 2013

eCommerce Web Development Company

The online world keeps changing nearly every day. When we talk about online, it could be anything including education, entertainment or eCommerce solution. Among all these, the eCommerce world is the ever-changing one. So here we will see, the predictions for the popular eCommerce trends for this year.


Online retailers are now going for local e-commerce websites. Going local does not refer only to offer the website in various languages, instead it refers to a entirely localized user experience. Therefore, the users will see more online stores based on localized design aesthetics including the use of local color tastes, local languages, local offers and of course local products and services.
We may also see more intelligent algorithms that could predict which products or services may attract a person on the basis of advanced segmentation and user profile.

Enhanced Online Security

These days, more and more consumers are switching to online payment systems like PayPal and debit or credit card transaction. As the number of online buyers will increase, the number of online financial transactions will also increase eventua    lly. So the online retailers will garner more trust and reliability in their stores, by using one-page payment methods.
The retailers may also introduce new safer payment modes or just improve the existing ones. It is also assumed that there will be an increase in the number of online stores offering discount coupons to increase sales. These stores will also be adding online payment as an option for buying the merchandise.

Interactive product display

All the products cannot be judged by mere images. Sometimes these images could leave the customer confused. So in the coming days, product demonstration videos will offer a clear description of the product, to the confused customers.

Website content to rule

High quality and exclusive content will be the ruling factor in most of the eCommerce websites. In 2013, vendors will spend more time and effort for implementing exclusive content into their business strategies, with a focus on quality instead of quantity. As per experts, vendors will find scalable ways to produce quality content that can fuel their marketing strategies.
This year, the online store owners will be hiring skilled teams to develop high quality, SEO friendly content that could offer a better user experience. Some may even outsource their content related requirements to other companies.

Focus on mobile

These days most of the people use mobile devices for nearly every task, even when it is about online shopping. This is the reason for the popularity of the responsive web design. So the retailers will focus on designing websites that would fit the smaller screen size as well. Also the online merchants will create better and customized mobile apps.

All these trends pose a positive impact for both the retailers and customers. The retailers will gain more profits while the customers will get the ease of shopping.
If you are planning to launch an ecommerce website, you must explore Magento for ecommrce website development. You can find more details about Magento development  on one of our blog.


10 Advantages of Offshoring Software Development That Other Successful Companies Don’t Want You To Know About!

Discover the Secret of Saving Thousands of Dollars Each Month While Increasing Your Web and Mobile App Development Productivity

Here’s the ultimate ‘Offshoring Discovery’:
If you think about it Google hasn’t even reached its twentieth birthday, yet it is one of the fastest growing companies in the world. How is it that some companies seem to have accelerated growth and others have come out of nowhere to become leaders in a really short period of time. How do they do it?

Answer: Leveraging Time and Talent
They are not stuck in the old traditional (comfortable) ways of doing things. In fact some would say they are rule breakers or industry transformers. But, the one thing they all have in common is a Global workforce. They have figured out how to leverage highly skilled and talented people from around the world.

They take advantage of the world economy and provide great jobs in countries where the cost of doing business is much lower. They have figured out how to leverage the time zone differences to extend their days and get things done faster.
You can do the same for your department and your company. All you need to do is leverage the advantages of offshoring.

Top Ten Offshoring Advantages And How To Make The Most Of Them

Advantage #1 – No Real Estate

Where is the person going to sit? The cost associated with that desk space is a big consideration in the leading corporate cities around the world. The price per square foot in any major city in the world is a big factor in the overall cost of providing for an onshore employee –desk, chair, computer, etc. On top of that there is the time needed to find the space, negotiate the lease, and build out the space. Plus you need to be comfortable taking on the long term commitment. All are things that can slow you down.

When you setup an offshore development office you are not paying the high rents associated with onshore offices.  Nor are you taking on a multi-year commitment.

Advantage #2 – Highly Talented People

For many companies a limiting factor affecting growth is the ability to find smart, highly skilled employees. There are smart people born everywhere, and many pursue a University Degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering. The cool thing about computers is the language they understand transcends spoken language. Computer languages have a much smaller lexicon therefore allowing many people to understand and decode what is being done.

Advantage #3 – Different Time Zones

What began as a disadvantage, smart companies like Google have parlayed into a strategic approach that speeds development by creating a 24 hour development cycle.
Having developers work both onshore and offshore allows development to continue when one group finishes their day. Development speeds up as the project is handed off from one team to the next. Some additional management time and co-ordination between teams is required but the result is staggering. What would take 3 days to develop using a resource in a single time zone can now be completed in a day with round the clock development.

Advantage #4 – No HR Headaches

Have you ever wished that you could just have a conversation with someone about the type of people you are looking for, and they immediately got it. They then went off and wrote the job posting, prescreened all the candidates for you and then just brought you the list of candidates for you to choose from. That’s what happens when you work with an organization that manages the all of these details for you. An additional bonus is that you don’t need to get approvals for various job sites, salary levels, etc.

You establish your budget for your offshore team and then you’ll get just one invoice, which is a pure expense to the business. No need to manage payroll, or benefits.
If someone doesn’t work out it is then easy to release someone from the team with no HR issues.

Advantage #5 – Easy to Manage

Everyone wonders about managing people half way around the world, the key is to have your overseas staff working for one organization that takes care of all the basics like checking to see if everyone arrived on time and put in their full days work. What you need is while you are sleeping, someone else is watching over the team for you and creating for you the basic reports.

You get to focus on the tasks they are working on, the challenges they need help with you don’t need to deal with the petty little stuff.

Advantage #6 – Responsiveness & Scalability

As your needs change it is easy to change your workforce. When you need more people or you need to shrink your workforce you can just pick up the phone or send an email and say I need more or less. You are not managing space, infrastructure or employee termination processes.

You can also easily swap out someone that is not working out for you because the relationship is with the Offshoring Company you are working with. The relationship they have with you is larger than that one person.

Advantage #7 – Security, Control and Confidential Information

Having security, control and protecting confidential information is easier today. With today’s technology it is easy to setup a VPN or virtual private network access or VDI virtual desktop access to your current infrastructure. This gives you full control over the access to your systems. You can even install monitoring software that lets you check-in on people from time to time and see what they are doing with or without notifying them.

Advantage #8 – No Hidden Costs

When you have a dedicated team of developers offshore that is provided to you through one provider you pay just one price per month: there is no hidden costs.

When you hire for a project, you often run in to additional costs because of natural evolution of change as the code moves through the normal testing and release schedule of alpha, beta, release candidate, live.

This process creates a natural conflict between the offshore development company and yourself due to the management of scope creep. Scope creep is eliminated when you use a software dedicated team.

Advantage #9 – Culture

When you outsource a development team (rather than a project team) you can indoctrinate them in your corporate culture – Wear the logo – etc. They become your employees, they know your standards and understand what it is that you are trying to accomplish. This naturally leads to a better outcome. You know this to be true. Your best developers are the ones that have bought into the company goals and culture. It is no different when you move development offshore.

Advantage #10 – Continuity – Same Resource – No Retraining

When you hire an offshore development team they are your team dedicated to you. As the scope of the project changes it is no different than how you manage your home team. As new projects arrive, you assign them to your team. These are the people you are comfortable with and you have developed trust in.

When you work on a project basis when the project ends the team is disbanded and moved to other projects. You may or may not be able to have the same people.

Take the next step…

Get any and all of your questions answered about offshoring at Stepin Solutions, simply email at to schedule time to get any remaining questions you have about offshoring answered. We have an experienced web and mobile development team. And if you need a dedicated developers we will reach out to you to achieve your dream by providing a full stack development team.